Having been born and raised in Elkin, John knows the benefits of growing up in a small town and has chosen to make his life here.  His parents both worked retail and instilled in him a strong work ethic.

After developing an early interest in computers, John started his first computer business at the age of 14.  At 19, he was co-founder of Elkin’s first Internet service provider while attending Wilkes Community College.  After acquiring a computer programming degree, John left the Internet service to start a general information technology consulting business, eventually focusing on medical IT.

John now works full time as a programmer for an international medical services company based in New York. When he isn’t programming computers, John enjoys spending time with his daughters, hiking the trails of the Yadkin Valley, kayaking its rivers and streams, and giving back to the community through service with the Elkin Academic Enrichment Foundation and the Yadkin Valley United Fund.