You can’t have your no-gays-allowed cake and eat it, too

I’ve been seeing a ton of memes on Facebook the last few days about how “Springsteen and PayPal can boycott NC but it’s illegal for Christians to not serve gays”

A lot of them have been tagged “Liberal Logic”.  It is liberal logic, and the counter argument is a logical fallacy.  Let me break it down…

Bruce Springsteen and PayPal et al are declining to engage in business in an entire jurisdiction–in this case, my beloved state of North Carolina.  This is an important point so I’m gonna restate it:  They are refraining from doing business AT ALL in North Carolina.  By doing so they are one, treating all North Carolinians equally.  Two, not subjecting themselves to the applicable laws.  And three, accepting the consequences of their choice that include not benefitting from the trade that would be otherwise engaged in.

When a person or organization engages in business in a jurisdiction, it is presumed that they will abide by the secular laws of that jurisdiction.  So if you bake cakes, you’ll bake cakes for everyone and not refuse to bake cakes for people that are members of a protected class based on the fact they they are indeed members of that protected class.

Now here’s the trick, you can refuse to do business with anybody.  Really, you can.  You just can’t say “well, you’re a black guy, and I don’t like black guys, so go get your cake somewhere else”.  That’s illegal discrimination.  But if you don’t like people that wear yellow hats, don’t do business with people that wear yellow hats!  You can refuse to do business with the wearers of yellow hats, those jerks that wear yellow hats aren’t a protected class!  I’ve heard that wedding photographers don’t like doing business with lawyers.  So a lot of them don’t do business with lawyers.  Lawyers aren’t a protected class (they’re not even at risk judging by how fast they’re multiplying, but that’s beside the point) so wedding photographers can discriminate against lawyers at will.

So how is Bob the Baker different than Bruce Springsteen?  Bob’s trying to engage in business in the jurisdiction AND pick and choose who he serves contrary to the law.  You can’t have it both ways, that’s just logic.  The law is the law and ignorance of the law isn’t a defense (and never has been as far as I know).

So enough with the trying to have your cake and eat it, too.

Stevens, hypocrisy, and the Mount Airy News

I just read the article “Rep. Stevens calls PayPal move ‘hypocritical’” in the Mount Airy News.  The following is my Letter to the Editor regarding it:

I am appalled at her behavior in the House, this is the latest shenanigan of many. The bill, HB2, that ostensibly prompted PayPal’s reaction along with other widespread condemnation was overly broad. HB2 not only vacated the Charlotte ordinance but went lightyears beyond what it’s stated intent was. HB2 wiped out any ability for local governments to enact a variety of ordinances regarding employment, wages, and other regulations. Ms. Stevens belongs to a group in Raleigh constantly bemoaning heavy handiness from Washington on the several States, but is perfectly happy put our local leaders in straightjackets. That, my friends, is hypocrisy. Furthermore, HB2 strips away State protections for any number of protected statuses, including age, race, gender, among others. Just today I read an article about a NC man who had been fired from a bank due to his age and his case is suddenly invalid in State court. He will have to pursue the matter in Federal court, which is far more costly and time consuming.

What would have been reasonable for Ms. Stevens and her colleagues in Raleigh to have done is to narrowly craft a bill to vacate the Charlotte ordinance and leave it at that.

In my opinion, this is all an election year ploy by the NC GOP to stir up their base supporters over an all-but-phantom issue and tag on ultraconservative legislation because they know they can use the ‘bathroom’ smokescreen to escape scrutiny. It is unconscionable that our legislators and governor would ram a bill through in 12 hours. And Sarah Stevens voted for it.

I truly hope that my fellow citizens in Surry County, the Mount Airy Times included, will start taking a harder look at her votes and start asking the question, “is this really in the best interest of Surry County?”

I’m quite curious to see if the Mount Airy News will publish this…